Singing Articles

Colds, Allergies, and Everything Else That Lays Singers Low 
Also includes info on singing with GERD and dry vocal cords

Should Songwriters Take Singing Lessons?

How To Find Musicians (revised 2016)

Singing Audition Checklist 
For American Idol, The Voice, and similar singing auditions 

From My Blog "I Feel Like Singing"

Singing and Emotions: How Emotions Can Affect Your Voice

How to Turn Your Vocal Cords Into Corn Flakes: Singing with Air Conditioning

Singing When You're Sick (and When You're Recovering) 

Swimming and Singing 

More Thoughts on Stage Fright 

More Tips on Performing

Improving Pitch Accuracy/Singing in Tune

There's more about singing and other topics on my blog I Feel Like Singing: notes about singing, songwriting, performing, vocal coaching, and the intersection of art, soul and commerce.

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