More Downloading Info

Downloading to iPad, iPhone or iPod Touch:      
Because devices such as iPads don't have a traditional file system like a laptop or home computer, downloading files directly to these devices will likely cause problems. Here's what our webmaster writes about downloading for iPad, iPhone etc: first download the file from the link to a computer, then extract the files--both mac and windows computers come with zip extraction utilities built in. Then sync the files to your device using a program like iTunes. We have heard from several purchasers who have directly downloaded files from our site to their phones, so sometimes it can be done, but success varies from user to user and phone to phone.    

If you don't have a computer and want to download directly to your iPhone or iPad you can find, purchase, and download all of our methods at iTunes or Amazon.

Downloading to Android Devices:      
You can download directly to many android devices, but we can't guarantee this since the ability to download will vary based on the manufacturer and the operating system of the device. If you have any difficulty please download to a computer first, then transfer the files to your device.

Where You'll Find Your Download on Your Computer:     
That depends on how you set up your computer. It may end up in your download file, on your desktop or in iTunes. If you have iTunes and the download shows up elsewhere on your computer drag the file over the iTunes icon to add it to your library.

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