Great Gift Ideas for a Beginning, Intermediate, or Professional Singer

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All of our CD singing methods (except for the No Scales Just Songs Vocal Workouts) are also available as downloads. To gift a download please use iTunes or email us.

Singer Gifts Under $25

Harmony Singing By Ear

Our most popular product: A triple CD set with over three hours of instruction and fully produced pop and jazz songs, using a proven step-by-step method for learning how to harmonize by ear. 

The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout

This song-based voice training and vocal warm up method is appropriate for beginning to advanced singers. The two CDs and guidebook include pop, jazz, country and rock songs and instruction. 

Singing With Style

A 3-CD download (sorry, the CDs are now sold out, this is only now only available as a download) that includes a jazz song-based warm up, singing technique instruction and vocal style instruction including how to sing runs, fills, ornaments, scat-singing and more. 

Singing Live
The Performing Skills Guidebook for Contemporary Singers

The book teaches singers how to move on stage, audition successfully, tolk to an audience, conquer stage fright, work with a mic, and much more. Beginning performers will go step-by-step through many performing style basics, while experienced performers will learn how to take their performances from good to great. Available in e-book and paperback versions.

More Harmony Singing By Ear

The follow-up to Harmony Singing By Ear uses the same format—it includes almost fours hours of narrative instruction, vocal and music tracks, this time with seven slightly more challenging pop, rock, jazz and country harmony songs.

The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 2

This popular follow-up to the first vocal workout includes updated material, new vocal technique information and 18 new songs.

The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids

Beginning to more experienced young singers age 8-13 can warm up and learn good singing technique while singing thirteen classic pop songs. 2 CD Set.

The Vocal Recovery Warmup (download only)
A gentle and easy vocal warmup and strengthening method for singers with tired, dry, weak, or aging voices. Good for beginning singers, too.

Singer Gifts Under $50

Singer Gifts Over $50

Voice Lessons with Susan Anders
Singing lessons, in person or via Skype, with an experienced contemporary vocal coach in Nashville, TN. Subject to availability.

Songs to License
Great original songs played by top studio musicians that can be used for artist demos and CDs. License the track and save money on studio time, the singer just needs to add their vocal. $150 per song track.
Demos By Mail
Professional song demos or tracks in a variety of musical styles. Experienced song producer, top session players. guitar/vocal demo: $225, full production demo: $450

Tom Manche's Studio X
A full-service recording studio in Nashville, TN. Tom has been producing and engineering for over 25 years. $40/hour, or Tom can quote a bid for specific projects. He often produces tracks for long-distance clients. Album projects, songwriter demos, voiceover projects, music-only tracks, Tom does them all.


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