The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids

Song-Based Vocal Warmup and Singing Lessons for Kids

"My kids love this warm up! They like the songs and they like Susan's teaching bits, too. This is a great way for a kid to get some easy singing lessons, or just warm up."
Cecily Gardner, vocal coach & mom, Culver City, CA

"Susan's methods are simple but really effective. I would recommend this to any parent who wants to give a kid a real introduction to singing, or a little extra help in prepping for the school chorus."
Artemis, Los Angeles, CA

"Thank you for the album--the thing I love most about it is it's fun!"
Serena, 8 years old, Nashville, TN

I've been contacted by many children's choir directors and kid's singing teachers who have used my No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workouts successfully with their kids. Most kids would much rather sing a song than a scale, so my song-based method is a great way to cover some singing lessons basics for kids while keeping things fun. But when I designed the workouts, I had adult singers and post-puberty vocal cords in mind. Also, it concerned me that the lyrics of most of the workout songs had grown-up themes. So I developed this method specifically for kids. I wanted it to be fun, so I tested it on a lot of kids to make sure they liked the songs and instruction. I wanted these to be kid-friendly songs and lyrics, drawing from pop songs of the last forty years. Most importantly, a child's vocal cords are still growing, so I wanted this method to be gentle. This is a vocal warm up, not a workout. The dual goal here is to help young singers warm up vocally, and to instill some good vocal habits at an early age. 

The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids is a download or physical 2-CD set designed for young singers 8-13. It can be used in the home, car, or classroom. The method combines a set of kid-friendly classic pop songs with warm up sounds. The songs gradually increase in range and difficulty to warm up the voice gently and easily. Before each song I give a quick lesson about some aspect of singing like breathing correctly or how to approach high notes. The warmup can be sung with my recommended warmup sounds, or with the lyrics. 

The Just Songs Vocal Warmup for Kids includes:

• Two CDs of instructional narration and music tracks.
• Fully produced music tracks with and without guide vocals.
Thirteen kid-friendly classic pop songs; a ten song warm up, plus three additional work songs.

Three vocal warm ups are included:

Warmup 1 includes all the songs sung with warm up sounds, along with some instructional prompts. Each song is preceded by a short singing lesson track including some “Repeat after me” sections to help kids learn voice technique essentials like correct breathing, posture, resonance, range expansion, and pitch accuracy.

Warmup 2 includes all the songs, this time sung with the lyric. Each song is preceded by a brief instructional introduction.

Warmup 3 includes all the music tracks for the songs without vocals. Each song is preceded by a brief introduction. Singers can graduate to this warmup after working with the first two warmups, and singing teachers can use these tracks as part of their lesson plan.

Additional Work Songs: For older or more advanced singers, I’ve included three more challenging songs at the end of each warmup. Kids who want to sing in a bigger range and polish their vocal delivery can use these songs once they have warmed up with the first ten songs. The three songs are Take Me Home Country Roads, Hey Jude, and Over the Rainbow.

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Free Study Guide

I've written a study guide to accompany the warmup—it includes the lyrics, the warmup sounds, the vocal technique focus for each song, and some teaching ideas and notes for each song that many teachers, parents and older kids have found useful. The study guide is a pdf file that downloads automatically when you purchase the download or CD set. If you purchase the warmup on iTunes or Amazon the study guide isn't included, but please email us and the study guide will be emailed to you.


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