The No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 1

Learn how to sing, build and maintain your vocal strength and range, and learn good vocal technique.

"I've made huge vocal strides with Susan's vocal workout. I use it every day."  Darryl Purpose, Tangible Music

"I could build a huge bonfire with all the other how to sing methods I've tried. Susan's workout is the only program that has really worked for me."  Randy Holland

"My wife and I both use it as a vocal warm up several times a week. The selection of songs, the variety, and the musical back-up are absolutely instructive, interesting and fun." 
Anudeva Stevens

"I've used these CDs for one year. A friend heard me sing the other day and couldn't believe the difference, he was very surprised! "  Cathy Main

 "Your books are written the way I teach. Thank you so much for putting everything down on paper. I will be ordering the rest of your books."  Reva Myers

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PLEASE NOTE: we are no longer selling workouts from this site. You can purchase workouts at You can still learn about each workout, listen to some audio downloads, and download a free sample of the guidebook below.

When I decided to write and record my first warm up and singing technique method I was aware that several of my students hated singing scales. Luckily I’d been teaching contemporary voice for awhile, and I knew many songs that I knew were great for helping singers warm up and/or learn specific aspects of vocal technique. So I created the No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout. Since it's release, thousands of singers worldwide have used it to warm up and learn how to sing better. 

The Vocal Workout includes pop, rock and jazz songs from the 1940s—1990s that gradually increase in difficulty, along with singing instruction. The songs can be sung with the lyrics, or with my recommended vocal warm up sounds. 

The No Scales Just Songs Vocal Workout includes: 
    • Two CDs of 17 fully produced songs. Disc 1 includes the songs with vocals and quick singing lessons. Disc 2 has the same songs without vocals. Disc 2 also has a section on how to stylize the songs once they are mastered. 
    • A 53-page guidebook including detailed vocal technique information, song lyrics, vocal warm-up tips, troubleshooting hints, vocal stylizing ideas, glossary, study tips and more. 

Sing the Warmup Set: to loosen up, learn how to breathe correctly, increase your range, and to build control, resonance and better tone. 

Sing the Workout Set: to increase your volume, vocal endurance, sustenance, belting ability, and pitch dexterity. 

Beginning singers:   sing through the workout at your own pace to learn how to sing correctly and to develop good vocal technique and strength.

Experienced singers: skip the instructional intros and use the workout as a vocal warmup, and to expand or maintain your vocal technique and strength. 

Three versions are available: Alto/Bass/High Tenor, Baritone/Soprano, and an expanded version which includes all four Alto/Bass & Baritone/Soprano CDs. 

Click here for answers to FAQs (Frequently Asked Questions) 

Click here for information about the No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 2: same format and difficulty level, eighteen new songs.

"I was very pleased to find that you used a phonic style (singing the songs with a "la" or "na, na na")
which helped me bring my voice forward in the same way my voice therapists were doing"  Jerry Kirkpatrick

Click the link below for a free download of a sample of the No Scales, Just Songs Vocal Workout Vol. 1 guidebook.


• Unchained Melody
• Sweet Dreams (Are Made of This)
• Save the Best for Last
• Sunny Came Home
• Young at Heart
• How Sweet It Is (to be Loved By You)
• All of Me
• Angel From Montgomery
• Willow Weep For Me
• Since I Fell for You
• Walk Away Renee
• Centerpiece
• I'll Stand by You
• Dark End of the Street
• Crazy Baby
• Wade in the Water
• Can't Help Falling In Love
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